"You opened my eyes to the world of jazz."
Duquesne University student majoring in music

"The school had a significant part in shaping who I am today. The appreciation for what kind of endurance it takes to craft a skill has helped me through many of the academic rigors I have gone through."
Former violin student now at Dickenson University

"You have opened my eyes to the world of classical music and helped me to develop a gift to cherish for the rest of my life."
Former piano student

"CMC greatly helped me to prepare for my college audition as well as prepare me for music classes I would be required to take as a music major."
Former violin student majoring in music

"The musical foundation our children have received over the past fourteen years at City Music Center has been an immeasurable good ...our children have been able to acquire a high degree of skill on their instruments and have derived much enjoyment from playing together thus enriching our family, church and community."
Current City Music Center parent

"City Music Center helped prepare and motivate my daughter for the challenge of college."
Parent of Duquesne University Music major

"All three of my children dramatically increased their level of playing because they had a teacher who saw their potential and expected them to reach it."
Parent of former piano student

"The variety of classes, the excellent teaching staff, and the talented and caring private instructors make CMC the best music school in Pittsburgh. CMC is truly a community school where each child is nurtured, encouraged and celebrated as an individual with a unique contribution to make."
Parent of former piano student

"City Music Center gave my son the opportunity to meet other people who are serious about music and understand his passion."
Parent of former piano student

"We believe that our daughter's love of the piano is supported and nourished through the excellent teaching she has received."
Parent of current piano student

"Thank you for City Music Center! Without you my son would not be enjoying the violin."
Parent of current violin student

"My daughter's years at City Music Center have been deeply rewarding in many ways."
Parent of former student who is currently a music major at U. of Texas