about city music center


Preparatory Division

The Preparatory Division offers a non-degree conservatory program for students of pre-school through middle school age: a comprehensive curriculum of private instrumental instruction in combination with classwork, ensemble playing, juries and recitals. The student enrolled for private instrumental instruction is expected to take the core theory sequence according to his age and level of experience. Students will also be encouraged to perform in playing classes during the semester, and at the recommendation of the teacher in formal student recitals.

High School Division

The High School Division offers a challenging program to upper level students: a combination of professional level instrumental training, college level theory and ear training classes as well as the opportunity to perform in recitals and ensembles. The student who will continue his studies at the college or conservatory level will be prepared to pass college entrance examinations and auditions.

Adult Division

Adult students are welcome at CMC. If the adult student does not want to commit a large amount of time to study we offer a "Six Pack" of lessons which can be renewed. Adults may also participate in classes and ensembles.

Diploma Program

The purpose of the Diploma is to recognize the achievements of the music student who has dedicated time and effort to the program. This Diploma, which is endorsed by the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts, will enrich the portfolio of the student as he applies to college or university in any field.

To be eligible for the Diploma, a student must have been a student of CMC for a minimum of four years, be a graduating high school student, test out of or complete the musicianship curriculum with a minimum grade average of B and present a 30-minute solo recital.

Graduation and presentation of the Diploma will be scheduled after the recital and may take place at any time during the senior year in high school.

Admission to the Diploma Program and any decisions concerning the fulfillment of the requirements for the Diploma is by the recommendation of the private instrumental instructor and the Chair of the Musicianship Department.

For a detailed listing of Diploma requirements, please inquire at the CMC office 412-396-5872.


Year-End Juries

All students, except the very beginners, are expected to participate in a year end jury at which time faculty from the department will write an evaluation. The juries are held on a Saturday near the end of the spring semester.

Applied Teacher Evaluations

At the beginning of the year, the applied teacher and student (and parent when appropriate) will discuss the current skill of each student and the goals for the year. At the end of the year, the studio teacher will make an assessment of progress based on the agreed upon goals.

Coursework Evaluation

At the beginning of the year, classroom teachers will give each student a checklist of skills to be covered during the year. At the end of the year students will be evaluated on the basis of those skills and in an interview with the parent, recommendation will be made for the next level of work.


The Performance Class

The weekly Performance Class is part of the core curriculum. The purpose of this class is to give students even more experience performing in public. We often hear "I played perfectly at home, but I don't know what happened on the stage." No matter how well the piece is prepared, the mind may play tricks during a performance. To avoid unfortunate mistakes and memory slips students must learn how to focus, direct their thinking process to artistic goals rather than the notes, and most importantly to project confidence. I always tell my students "Doubt and criticize every note when you practice, but be the greatest on stage". You can't recreate the performance environment at home or even at your lessons because of the lack of an audience. This is why this class is irreplaceable for every performing student.

Formal Recitals

In addition to the weekly Performance Class, during the year we hold 3 formal recitals and 4 dedicated Suzuki Recitals.