City Music Center Music Technology Track

This brand new CMC offering is a one-to-three year program for high school students in grades 9-12. Each year of the program consists of three technology courses, as well as a music theory course and a private (or group) lesson on each student's selected instrument. All classes and courses will be taught by CMC’s renowned faculty, consisting of the finest teachers in the Pittsburgh area.

Each student who enrolls in this program will be provided with a New iPad*, which will be his or hers to keep. While our program will not focus on the iPad exclusively, we will use it often, keeping students on the cutting edge of new developments in music technology.

Why Music Technology?
Because it’s fun! It also happens to be educational and the future of the music industry. Music technology is expanding on a daily basis and is no longer just for recording engineers, producers and composers. Music technology has become so prevalent and accessible that any musician—professional or weekend amateur must be somewhat familiar with the materials.

What’s included

  • 3 Music technology courses
  • 1 Music theory course
  • 1 Instrumental lesson

And a New iPad*

*For students in the first year of the Music Technology program, a New iPad is provided as part of their tuition. The iPad is theirs to keep. One iPad (lifetime) per student.